Who is

Brown and Outagamie County, Wisconsin;  Active law enforcement k-9 units. 

*Priority consideration for funding will be given to handlers that directly and actively support fundraising efforts of the foundation.

The Board of The BNB Foundation investigates, discusses and determines the VALIDITY and the NEED for this funding.  One big question we will always discuss is whether this funding, “should have been” or “could have been” provided by the respective department.  At that time we vote, as a board, to either approve or deny the funding.  There will never be any monies provided directly to a City, Police Department, or any Police Officer of K9 Handler.  Invoices are provided for all the expenses and the Foundation will pay the vendors directly for the dogs, training, equipment and supplies.  We are entirely separate from and not controlled by any City or Police Department.  The BNB Foundation is a 501©3 Wisconsin Corporation and we are proud of our efforts to aid the k9 Units and embrace openness in our accounting practices and procedures.

Because K9 Handlers understand that once the K9 retires, he becomes the personal pet of the handler and all the financial responsibility from the Police Department ends at that time, the foundation will not consider any request for retired K9 fund requests.             

The Foundation makes it a personal mission to care for the money that you all donated, we attempt to spend it wisely and by the rules and laws that govern us at the Foundation. 

The foundation board meets in January, April, July & October to review applications.